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Snow Foam Cannon

$119.99 $74.99
(You save $45.00)

Snow Foam Cannon

$119.99 $74.99
(You save $45.00)
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Product Description

CarPro Snow Foam Cannon

Our new CarPro Foam Cannon is the perfect tool for applying a thick rich coat of Iron X Snow Soap, Ultima Paint Guard Wash, or other cleaner, to the vehicles surfaces and allowing them to dwell before you ever touch it.  This allows you to loosen and remove dirt, grime, and abrasive particles before you ever touch the paint which is a key factor in lessening swirls on the surface over time.  Simply attach to your pressure washer and pour the desired amount of snow soap into the canister.  The high pressure combined with our best in class car shampoos will provide an amazing coat of lubricating and contaminant dissolving suds.  With a higher rating than any other cannon on the market, high grade Stainless Steel and Brass fittings, and a 1 Liter reinforced canister our Foam Cannon was designed to create the highest volume of foam possible.  No longer will you watch the foam drip right off before it does its job.  A thick layer of cleaning agents coat and stick to all surfaces long enough to allow the cleaners to do part of the work for you.  I must warn you of one thing though.  If your vehicle has been coated with our Cquartz coating nothing sticks to it like it used to, not even snow foam!


  • Highest Rating on the market: 5.6 gpm @ 2600 psi
  • Value: Look around, no other store offers a Cannon that matches the quality of ours let alone at the cost we provide
  • High Grade Plastic Canister Tank
  • High Grade Stainless Steel nipple connector
  • (6) choices of adapter to fit your machine
  • Helps to avoid swirls
  • Produces the thickest foam possible


  • Pour snow soap of your choice into canister (Consult the product information of the Snow Soap you use for amount to pour in canister)
  • It is recommended that pressure washer regulator be adjusted to a lower pressure at initial cannon installation and then adjusted to reach optimal performance
  • Concentration & consistency of foam depend upon type and concentration of detergent used as well as the flow/discharge of the pressure washer
  • After use run clean water through the system and completely rinse the spray head and detergent bottle and suction tube with clean, clear water to assure correct operation and an extremely long life






The professional Foam Lance allows you to obtain high pressure water mixed with detergent, producing foam.  The Professional Foam Lance has many design features to allow the user to spray varying distances while creating a wide range of consistencies of foam. By twisting the External Plastic Body/Nozzle (#20) you can create a wide fan flow or concentrated direct flow spray pattern. By twisting the adjustable air intake knob (#9g) you can increase or decrease the consistency of the foam produced.  Overall foam consistency or concentration can be regulated by using various concentrations of detergents in the one liter Detergent Tank (#1). It is important to note that the final consistency of foam of produced by the Professional Foam Lance is primarily determined by the type of detergent utilized in the Detergent Tank. User should try varying types and concentrations of detergent to reach the desired foam results.

Product’s use:

The foamer may now be connected to a properly set up high pressure cleaner operating at a maximum of 5.6 gpm @ 2600 psi with included pressure regulators and safety and temperature relief devices.  Use only fresh, clear water. Ask our technical office before using special or corrosive fluids.  It is recommended that pressure washer regulator/unloader be adjusted to a lower pressure/flow setting at initial foamer installation and then adjusted to reach optimal performance/operation. Remember concentration and consistency of foam will depend upon type and concentration of detergent utilized in detergent bottle and also the flow/discharge of the pressure washer and settings utilized on the Professional Foam Lance.

When user has finished with each use of the Professional Foam Lance it is important to completely rinse the spray head and detergent bottle and suction tube with clean, clear water to assure correct operation the next time the Foam Lance is used.

The Manufacturer or reseller is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage arising from a bad installation or done by unskilled workers.


Causes and remedies for possible problems:

Problem                                         Possible cause                                     Solution

Foam lance’s leakage           Presence of dirt/debris                  Clean

Worn seals                          Wear and Tear                             Change the seals

Flow not elevated                 Hole obstructed nozzle                  Clean the nozzle removing dirt

Flow not elevated                 Dirty filter                                     Rinse with clear water





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