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Scholl Concepts Marine - Restorer Sponge

Scholl Concepts Magic Eraser Sponge

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Scholl Concepts Magic Eraser Sponge 

Stubborn stains? Try the Scholl concepts restorer sponge. This sponges unique abrasive structure when used in combination with Scholl concepts marine shark leads to a tool that can clean the most stubborn residue and stains off of multiple surfaces. Leather, Vinyl, plastic, gel coat, and rubber! This sponge can do it all. 


  1. Spray dirty surface with Scholl Concepts Marine Shark Leather and Vinyl Cleaner
  2. Saturate sponge with Shark cleaner.
  3. Agitate area with sponge unil dirt or grime is removed
  4. Wipe away surface with a microfiber towel


  • Test in inconspicuous area on any surface before use
  • Not suitable for dark high gloss surfaces
  • Warning:  This is an abrasive.  Do not use without proper knowledge.