IK Alkaline 1.5 Sprayer 35 oz

IK Alkaline 1.5 Sprayer 35 oz

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IK Alkaline 1.5 Sprayer 35 oz

The ideal partner for cleaning and disinfection tasks. With it your work will be easier and faster. These IK Sprayers are especially designed to be compatible with chemical agents used in the world of professional cleaning and disinfection. Best suited for alkaline, alcohol and acetone substances. 


  • 2.5 bar safety valve with depressurization option. 
  • Large opening for easy filling and cleaning. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator. 
  • Protective sleeve for valve chamber. 
  • Easy assembly and taking apart for cleaning and maintenance, tool free. 
  • Supplied with adjustable cone spray nozzle and even fan spray nozzle. 


  • Net weight:0.46

  • Gross weight:0.6

  • Volume per unit (m3):0.006

  • Packaging dimensions:16x16x27

  • Units m3:150

  • Total capacity: 35 oz (1L)


Cleaning and Maintenance of the Sprayer

  • After each use depressurize the sprayer and clean it. 
  • If the nozzle becomes blocked, clean it with water and do not use metallic objects.
  • If the filter of the handle is clogged, remove it and clean it with water.
  • Store the sprayer under cover, avoiding freezing temperatures and extreme heat (between 5º and 30º C).
  • To prolong the life of the seals, regularly apply grease to the moving parts of the sprayer.