OBSSSSD Wash & Protect Kit

OBSSSSD Wash & Protect Kit*

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OBSSSSD Wash & Protect Kit

 Have you been looking for a product that is simple and easy to use to maintain your vehicle finish? Our OBSSSSD Wash & Protect Kit has everything you need to wash, protect & maintain your vehicle's finish for 6+ months! 

 Kit Contents:

- OBSSSSD Auto Wash Shampoo - 16 oz. - A pH neutral automotive shampoo concentrate. 

OBSSSSD Paint Sealant - 16 oz.  The perfect sealant to protect a daily-driven vehicle in all weather conditions. 

  • For neglected or oxidized surfaces, first use a polish appropriate for the severity of the paint damage. Use OBSSSSD Paint Clean Pre-Wax Cleanser (not included in kitfor newer paints or surfaces that require light preparation.

- OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner - 16 oz. - A spray wheel cleaner formulated to gently and safely clean soiled wheels and rims. 

OBSSSSD Tire Dressing - Satin - 16 oz.  OR  OBSSSSD Tire Dressing - Matte - 16 oz.  - A water-based tire dressing consisting of hydrating, gloss enhancing and preservative agents. Choice of Satin or Matte Finish. 

OBSSSSD Touch Up Final Inspection Spray - 16 oz. - Uses advanced gloss enhancement technology to maintain exceptional depth and shine on clean, protected paintwork. 

- Microfiber Madness Slogger (16" x 16") -  Application Towel for Touch Up Final Inspection Spray

Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile (16" x 16") - Buffing towel for Touch Up Final Inspection Spray

CarPro Tire "Swipe" Applicator  OR  Lake Country Precision Dressing Applicator - Tire Shine Applicator


For more information on each product in this kit visit the applicable product pages linked above

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