Crack & Crevice Interior Detail Brush

Crack & Crevice Interior Detail Brush

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Crack & Crevice Interior Detail Brush

The Crack & Crevice Detail Brush is designed for many interior cleaning tasks throughout the vehicle. Horsehair is set in a pen style handle allwoing for easy reach into a variety of areas.  The horsehair makes for a softer bristle option. Use dry, to dust cracks and crevices or use with your favorite interior cleaner for outstanding results. The horsehair head offers safe and effective cleaning. It is soft enough to avoid scratches but stiff enough to clean grime when used with a proper cleaner. The opposing side features a nylon brush and is great for tough dirt on vinyl and tough materials.   


  • 2 in 1 Brush
  • One side Horsehair 
  • One side Nylon 
  • Durable handle  
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Excellent Agitation Power 
  • Easily Rinses Clean
  • Total Length:  7"
  • Bristle Length 1/2"
  • Interiors
  • Leather seams
  • Dashboard surfaces   
  • Console surfaces
  • Vent surfaces
  • Electronic component surfaces


  • Use the Crack & Crevice Detail Brush dry to dust interior surfaces. 
  • Use the Crack & Crevice Detail Brush with cleaner for embedded grime.   
  • Wash brush after use and allow to dry completely before storing for future use.