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 Lake Country Purple Foam Wool - 3" (58-323)

Lake Country Purple Foam Wool - 3" *New*

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Lake Country Purple Foam Wool - 3"

One-Step Compounding

The Lake Country Purple Foam Wool pad is ideal for body shop, detailing, OEM and industrial applications. Aggressively removes P1500 scratches and finishes to a high gloss in one step. Cuts like natural sheepskin but finishes like a foam pad, leaving a lustrous finish with no haze.

These pads are made from Nano Foamed Wool Technology. Interlocking the wool fibers, a polyurethane foam is blended and embedded in the base of the knitted wool, creating more surface area and a reduction in pile flattening. 

The proprietary foaming process helps hold the fibers together, creating a cushioned feel, holding abrasives to the surface, and adding an increased gloss and finishing ability. The patented nano-foam process encapsulates fibers at the base of the lambswool with microscopic polyfoam particles.  

Recommended for use with DA, Rotary and Force Rotation polishers.


  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Patented nano-foam process encapsulates the base of the lambswool fibers with microscopic polyfoam particles.
  • PERFORMANCE - Cuts like natural sheepskin but finishes like a foam pad. Aggressively removes P1500 grit scratches, leaving a lustrous finish with no hazing by reducing compounding swirls.
  • DENSE BODY - Foamed fibers resist caking and matting. Foaming process also creates minute air pockets at the base of the fibers, which improves cushioning and retention of compounds and polishes.
  • CONSISTENT QUALITY - Manufacturing process produces a uniform material, resulting in consistent pad performance ... unlike performance reducing variances that can occur with natural sheepskin pads.
  • MINIMAL LINTING - Foaming process locks in the lambswool fibers, significantly reducing linting. 


  • Cutting pad.


  • Material: Lambswool.
  • Polishing Face Diameter: 3".
  • Thickness: 3/4".
  • Hook & Loop Diameter:  3".
  • Fiber Color: Purple.
  • Velcro Color: Black  
  • Made in the USA