Microfiber Madness: T-shirt "OUTLAW" (L)

Microfiber Madness: T-shirt "OUTLAW" (L)

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Microfiber Madness: T-shirt "OUTLAW" (Large)

Support your fellow detailers and the Make A Wish foundation and pick one up with your next order!  

Microfiber Madness Outlaw shirt is dedicated to all enthusiastic detailers worldwide who live for detailing, regardless of what it takes to bring any car to absolute perfection! That’s what we call a detailing outlaw, far from the typical 25$ car washes! We are confident you and your customers will love the shirt design and quality!

But now for the most important part of the story!  The “Detailing Outlaws” shirt is provided as a 100% charity event!  Microfiber Madness has donated $6.50 of each shirt to the Make a Wish foundation!  Additionally, Microfiber Madness will double the donation at the end of this event in December 2016. That means, (for example) if we sell 100 shirts then we create a donation of $650.00, so it becomes $1300.00 total provided to Make A Wish!    

The raised funds will be collected until December 2016 and will be donated at Christmas.  Microfiber Madness decided to put that money towards the charity organization called “Make a wish foundation”. It has its roots in the USA and has offices in nearly every country in the world. The idea behind “Make A Wish” is, to make wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions. If one of these children dreams for example of a meet & greet with its favorite athlete or superstar, Make A Wish tries to make this dream come true. Or if a child has a wish of a new computer, they try to make it happen! It is proven, that this it not only about making a wish come true! The psychologic benefits are huge, because when wishes came true, often children and even the family gain new strength to deal with the situation and don’t lose the will to fight! “Make A Wish” is a 100% non-profit organization, working only with donations, so we decided to donate to this project.

As an FYI, this is a ZERO profit item and we are thrilled to be a part of it at Sky's the Limit Car Care!



  • Size: Large
  • Material: 100% Cotton