CARPRO Cool Pad Hybrid 3" - Microfiber/Wool

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CARPRO Cool Pad Hybrid 3" - Microfiber/Wool

The Cool Pad is a unique lambs wool and microfiber hybrid buffing pad with a patented design.

A highly resilient, integrated air-cooling 3D structure acts as a breathing layer and combines pressure relief, thermoregulation, and moisture management in one high tech composed, finished product. Developed from a pure New Zealand wool/microfiber woven material backed up with a backing pad which serves as a cooling interface between the surface and the machine. The functional layer of air space results in multiple benefits and ultimate polishing results. See below to name a few!


  • Time savings due to fast cut and high performance even on delicate surfaces.
  • Faster finishing.
  • Decrease in polishing temperature of up to 35%.
  • Well suited for polishing plastic-coated heat sensitive surfaces.
  • Stability of the pad due to its highly resistant composition.
  • Integrated air-cooling nylon gel lattice layer.
  • Less risk of holograms.
  • Wool and microfiber hybrid buffing pad.
  • Use on enamel and delicate wood coating, as well as aerospace and marine coated composite surfaces.
  • Flexibility on curved and uneven surfaces.
  • Use on both dual action or rotary.


  • Contents: 1 Pad
  • Function: Cutting pad with decent finishing abilities relative to cut.
  • Polishing material: Wool and microfiber alternating stripes.
  • Interlayer: 3D cooling lattice nylon (gel feel).
  • Hardness: 600kpa.
  • Diameter: 5".
  • Thickness: 3/8" (3/16" microfiber/wool surface / 3/16" 3D cooling interlayer.
  • Made in: France.
  • Color: White and tan alternating stripes.
  • Velcro color: Red.


  • Varies with polish but about 4 dots of polish for initial section and 2 dots after pad priming.
  • Use enough pressure to avoid pad hop.
  • Reduce pressure towards end of cycle to finish and reduce marring.


  • Only recommended for use in experienced hands.
  • Pay extra attention to panel edges and repaired areas.
  • We do not recommend the CoolPad on freshly painted panels.
  • Assess paintwork prior to polishing and measure removal rates during use.


  • Machine or hand wash at low temperature.

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