Scholl Concepts Rim 7 Wheel Cleaner - 17oz.

Scholl Concepts Rim 7 Wheel Cleaner - 17oz.

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Scholl Concepts Rim 7 Wheel Cleaner - 17oz (500ml)

The innovator in color changing wheel cleaners! 

Made in Germany, Scholl Concepts Rim 7 Wheel Cleaner was the original in color changing wheel cleaners.  Designed to safely remove brake dust and grime from wheels without heavy scrubbing OR harsh chemicals, Rim 7 is safe on aluminum, clear coat, polished, painted, and chrome wheels.  The "7" in Rim 7 stands for the PH level which is neutral and therefore NON-acidic like the harsh wheel cleaner acids that many use.  

If you do NOT enjoy scrubbing wheels with no end in sight and appreciate intelligent chemistry doing the work for you safely, pick up a bottle of Scholl Concepts RIM 7 today!!



  • PH Neutral
  • Gel Formula sticks to vertical surface
  • No dangerous acids


  • Made in Germany
  • 16.9oz (500ml)