Update 04/08/20

Dear Friends,

Over the past month our little world has changed quite dramatically. I have resisted the urge to speak publicly on the subject because you have all been inundated with emails that tell you a lot of what you already know and further add to the anxiety spread by “news” outlets and social media. I believe that now is the right time to update you and to share a message with regards to our service to you, and some thoughts on the current environment and the bright future I know lies ahead!

First we would like to get you up to speed and then share the latest changes to our current shipping process. You should know that NOBODY on our team has experienced any symptoms or illness and that we continue to ship your orders daily. We would like to ask that during this current environment, you place your orders by noon Eastern time or earlier to guarantee it ships the same day (more info below). 

Our Team

I wish each of you could see the incredible efforts and attitude of each of our team members first-hand. We could not be more proud to work with such a great group of kind, intelligent, hard working, thoughtful, and sincere individuals. Approximately a month ago during an internal meeting we reassured everyone here that NOBODY on our Sky’s the Limit team will be laid off regardless of the environment around us. Furthermore, every full time team member in our family will continue to be paid at least 40 hours a week throughout this challenge regardless of how few hours they may actually be able to work. We also want you to understand we are doing everything we can to keep others as well as ourselves safe and make sure we have only positive impacts on the community. 


We have gone above & beyond what is recommended by federal and local governments and the scientific community with regards to social distancing, hygiene, and safety. Weeks ago we switched to a ship only model, no longer allowing anyone to walk into our facility to shop. People are able to pickup outside but MUST pay ahead of time via website or phone and contact us and receive an agreed upon time which they may pickup their order outside where it will be waiting. You may NOT come within 10 feet of anyone on our team if they are outside and you may not come inside the building. Additionally we notified all Fedex, UPS, couriers, and delivery that they must leave deliveries at the bay door and honk but, not to get within distance of us or come inside. Next, we moved all non-shipping and customer service personnel to work from home.  

Latest Precautions 

More recently we moved to a "1 man shift” system within the shipping facility. In other words, only ONE single person is physically inside of the warehouse / shipping area at any given time and therefore will not be even remotely in the same vicinity as another team member. Due to the “1 man shift” system, there MAY be times that an order does not go out the same day it is placed unless it is placed earlier in the day. Since the day Sky’s the Limit shipped our first package we made a promise to you that every order would ship same day during any hours in which Fedex and USPS were operating. As we have scaled we eventually made the rule “up until 3:30 pm eastern”. We have always been extremely proud of keeping this promise and have made MANY sacrifices over the years to maintain it. We intend to maintain this promise but we ask that during this time you place your order earlier in the day (before noon Eastern time) to ensure it can go out same day. This is a TEMPORARY necessity during this time so that we can be sure we get your orders out the same day and also be certain that we have done everything humanly possible to maintain health and safety. 

Cultural Impact

Our team here has come to care deeply for each other and we truly enjoy the time spent together. It was not without regret from every one of us when we instituted our “1 man shift” policy. Each of us misses spending our days together. We miss the laughter and the side by side teamwork we enjoyed each day, all whilst serving you! We know that many of you are going through similar experiences... We're cheering for you that you will make that phone call or text or encouraging post to that friend who no doubt misses you as well! 

Community Effort

For the past month we have been working on a project to acquire a large qty of gloves and masks to share with hospitals. It has been complicated due to an extreme shortage, huge price hikes, and countries barring export of items. We do believe we will acquire them soon and when we do, we plan to donate thousands of units to hospitals, first responders, and medical personnel in the most heavily affected areas.


We would also like to express our gratitude to be able to serve so many courageous and amazing people! You are unique, amazing, and beautiful!  We strongly acknowledge that some of you are suffering right now and our prayers go out to each of you. If you need someone to chat with, we are here for you. To our medical personnel, first responders, those on the front lines of feeding us, and all other essential personal working hard to support the rest of us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Nobody can fully comprehend how difficult it is for you or how much you are sacrificing each day for the rest of us. 

Closing Thoughts

To everyone dealing with the challenge of a changed world, remember how blessed you are! There are SO MANY things to be grateful for. For anyone feeling alone, you are NOT alone. We are all connected and while it may not be a popular thing to say, good has and will come from this! Now is the time to forget petty grievances in your life and realize you’ve been wasting energy on such things. With the space which that creates, we can spend more time truly connecting with people… sincerely with care, love, and a passion for serving each other!  Let's make this an opportunity to accept the grace and peace that comes with that thought process and carry it through to the rest of our lives.   

Fear of the unknown is natural, but it is not healthy to dwell on, and with practice, focusing on the current moment and the positives within it will change your life. If your reading this then you have something to be grateful for! Smile! And pass that smile on! ❤️

We have been humbled by your amazing support during this time and the ability to have served you the past 8 years. We look forward to continue serving you for the remainder of this century and beyond!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 

Warmest Regards,