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Buff & Shine Microfiber & Wool Pads

Made in the U.S.A - Buff and Shine has re-invented the microfiber pad!  With a thick plush microfiber blend Buff and Shine pads don't flatten out like others and maintain their shape while offering faster cut and finishing down to a high gloss finish.  With industrial strength adhesive, delamination is a thing of the past.  Buff and Shine has always been known for not only the quality of finish but the incredible durability of their foam pads and the fact they do not delaminate.  Now they have brought that same quality and craftsmanship to microfiber pads.  The foam interlayer is consistently cut with the side walls of the pad perfectly straight on every pad.  With many brands Velcro peel off is often an issue but Buff and Shine uses a much more durable adhesive. They are heat resistant, chemical resistant, and 100% fully washable time and again!