CarPro-US.com opened July, 4th 2012.  Our founder first became involved in quality automotive detailing products in a search for the best products for his own vehicles.  As he accomplished those goals and developed a passion for his newly found interest he began detailing others vehicles and writing reviews on many of the products he used.  Over time he began testing, reviewing, and advising, helping out where he could with detailers, enthusiasts, and manufacturers.  He focused on finding every possible detail and difference between products and advising on methods of application to gain the maximum benefits from each product.

After hundreds of detailed product reviews and thousands of hours testing products he was contacted by CarPro about opening their official online store in the United States.  

Corey had reviewed many products in the CarPro line by this time and was interested in the opportunity.  In his words he felt CarPro was one of "the most innovative product lines in the world" as they were constantly pushing boundaries and releasing new products that evolve the landscape of car care and high tech surface protection.

Sky's the Limit Car Care distributes the entire CarPro product line and we are also proud to offer the very best in polymer sealants, carnauba waxes, microfiber towels, polishing pads, machines and more!

Months after opening the store we added our favorite line of polymer sealants and Premium Finish Care which we had tested extensively for years.  Ultima, Four Star, Sonus, and other Premium Finish Care products were added making CarPro-US.com the one stop shop for the very best in nanotechnology from CarPro and the highest quality polymer technology on the market from Premium Finish Care.

As the first to import Bouncer's Hand Crafted Waxes from the UK, CarPro-US.com was proud to introduce them to North America. 

Great products are only made better by great tools so we brought in premium brushes, wheel woolies, innovative tools, and high quality korean microfiber towels.

With the addition of Victoria Wax from Canada our lineup of waxes was complete offering the best wax money can buy, ease of use, and quality to compete with even the most outrageously priced Carnauba Wax.

In early 2013 we were introduced to a company from Germany and began testing their microfiber towels.  A few months later we were proud to introduce these to the United States as well!  Microfiber Madness offers the very best microfiber products in the world and we can't tell you how proud we are to offer them to our customers.

In early 2014 after extensive testing Scholl Concepts was added to the store as an answer to "what is the best line of compounds and polishes you have used?"  Incredibly, we found their entire line of products to be of the highest quality.

In 2015 RUPES was added with their groundbreaking RUPES Bigfoot line of machines.

In 2016 we added the best of the Meguiars products to our store.

In 2017 and 2018 we continues to search out and add the best products in the world such as Scangrip which designs and manufacturers an incredible array of the highest quality inspection lights available!

Corey's Pledge to you:

We will continue to offer and find the highest quality products and we will not water down our product options with multiple overlapping product lines, products that are the same with nothing but multiple labels and different scents, or products of lower quality.

Sky's the Limit Car Care will work tirelessly to answer every question, concern, and idea you bring to our attention.  We are honored to have this opportunity to earn your business and we take that responsibility very seriously.  With our passion for detailing we will provide you with unmatched service that is honest, friendly, and reliable at the highest level.