5" to 5 3/4" Pads

5" to 5 3/4" Polishing Pads

We understand that scrubbing, washing, rinsing, and drying are only part of the car detailing equation. If you want your vehicle to reach levels of true magnificence, you’re going to need an excellent wax, polishing agent, and—of course—the perfect polishing pads to pull it off. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of five-inch polishing pads to meet your unique needs. Maybe you’re looking for an ideal tool to help you apply a smooth, even coating of wax to your beautiful paint. If so, our ultra-soft five-inch car polishing pads can be your ticket to ultimate shine and protection. Perhaps you need a practical way to remove those minor scratches and imperfections. Fortunately, our premium uro-fiber pads and five-inch buffing pads can offer an excellent solution to rid your vehicle from imperfections. The point is, we’ve got the versatile selection you’re looking for.