Metropolitan Vacuum & Blowers

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company is a worldwide leader in innovative vacuum and blower solutions.

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company entered the motorcycle industry in April of 2002 with the Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer. The Metro Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer was specifically designed for cleaning and drying motorcycles with dry, filtered warm air (about 20–25 degrees above ambient temperature). The Metro Air Force Blaster will cut cleaning time by 80 percent. Five to seven minutes is all it takes to quickly and effectively dry motorcycles. The Blaster is also completely safe for all paint and chrome finishes.

In 2008, Metro entered the automotive industry with a full line of car vacuum cleaners. They also introduced a line of car dryers that will completely dry an entire full-size car in 15 minutes when the Master Blaster is used. Metro’s vacuums are designed to thrill automotive detailers and enthusiasts worldwide!