CARPRO Pads (All)

Our CARPRO line includes many new polishing pad technologies.  From the incredible Cool Pad, to the orange peel removal pads, Flash Pads, and more, CARPRO is on the front line of offering innovative polishing technologies to professional detailers worldwide.  

Cool Pad Hybrid - with an integrated "Cool Air" (air-cooling gel 3D structure) to absorb heat these pads offer incredible cut similar to a compounding pad and utilizing the microfiber stripes in the pad can finish out nearly lsp ready.

Merino Wool Pads - the Merino Wool pad was designed for professional detailers and those looking for a durable, fast cutting, and smooth finishing wool pad.

Wool Pad - with our short haired wool pad with integrated foam interlayer, the issues of traditional wool pads have been eradicated.  These pads re-define wool as a polishing media as the foam interlayer helps to provide consistently even pressure to the surface while also absorbing heat.  

Orange Peel Pads - From Velvet (3000 g) to Denim (2000 g) these pads offer incredible defect removal and can reduce orange peel on the clear layer by up to 90% or more.

Flash PadsThe Flash Pad was specifically designed to provide INSTANT spot defect removal in 8-10 seconds flat. The unique polyurethane foam allows you to easily remove heavy defects.

Microfiber PadsThe CARPRO Microfiber Cutting Pad was designed to offer the latest advances in microfiber pad technology to the tech looking for fast cut with less labor.