1" to 2" Pads

1- & 2-Inch Car Polishing Pads 

Sky’s the Limit is proud to offer a variety of 1” and 2” car polishing pads, backing plates, and other pad tools. These 1” and 2” pads are ideal for small or hard to reach areas. The small diameters of these car buffing pads make them ideal for detailing areas that larger pads can’t cover or contour to. These 1” and 2” car polishing pads come in different materials: microfiber, foam, and wool depending on the application that you need. These pads can be easily attached to the RUPES I-Brid Nano or your other small diameter pad polisher. Utilizing these pads can help change the way that you polish your vehicle! Providing you with the ability to reach those areas you may have had to hand buff, or simply neglect before.