3" Pads

3-Inch Polishing Pads

Sky’s the Limit offers a wide range of 3-inch polishing pads that will help get your vehicle shined and ready to hit the road. From correction pads, to wax, and sealant application pads, we have just the right tool for the job. Our brands expertly craft these pads using many different materials, such as microfiber, wool, foam, hybrid combinations, and more for a variety of uses. The correct type of 3-inch polishing pad for your car will depend on the compound or polish you’re using as well as the outcome you’re looking for. These pads come in different densities and firmness, which dictates how aggressive or light the correction will be. Every pad is a little bit different and serves a specific purpose for your vehicle. Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call so we can recommend which is best for you depending on what you need!

We also sell the backing plates for these polishing pads to attach them to your favorite DA, and rotary polishers.