All Orders Ship Same Day!

All orders placed before 3:30 pm ship same day!  Bulk or wholesale orders do not apply.

FREE SHIPPING OVER 95$ (NOT for use with Jobber or wholesale accounts)

When using the free shipping coupon code FREE95 - At checkout you must select ONLY the most cost effective shipping method.  If a higher cost shipping method is selected it will NOT be honored and will ship via the least expensive method regardless (Either Fedex Ground or USPS Priority Mail depending on weight)


Continental US: Fedex and United States Postal Service are both available

Choose USPS Priority Mail for best value when ordering packages less than 2-3 pounds

Choose Fedex Ground for best value over a few pounds

Florida: Free Shipping over 50$

(Free Shipping in Florida ships USPS Priority)

Hawaii & Alaska: USPS Priority Mail

Canada: Fedex and USPS Priority Mail


We ship to most other countries as well but ONLY if the order is made online.  There is no free shipping internationally.  If you have trouble with international online orders we apologize but are not able to take the order in that case.

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