Rewards Program


Heart to Heart Reward Program

Sky's The Limit's Heart to Heart rewards our customers by gifting them store credit back on every single purchase! Unlike other reward programs, there are no codes to keep track of, no fine print, and no emails to look out for!

After any order you complete is fulfilled, 3% for every $1 dollar spent is automatically put back into your account as store credit. That credit never expires and CAN be used at any time, even with promotions, discount codes, the works.

The best part? You don’t have to track a thing. Shop with us and get rewarded. It's THAT simple!

Heart To Heart FAQ

What is a the Heart to Heart program?

We value our customers and want to reward you for every order you place! Our new loyalty program is a fool proof way for you to earn $ off every single future online purchase! Not only this... We have a few surprises in store that only customers will find along the way.

How do I join your loyalty program?

If you have an account and place your orders online then there is NOTHING new you have to do! All registered users are already enrolled!

If you don't have a registered account, simply Register here and you will be enrolled in the loyalty program automatically!

How does your loyalty program work and how do I earn store credit?

Simply shop with us while logged into your registered account. You earn 3% back on every $1 dollar you spend! Once you have reached enough percent back to equal a dollar, it will be automatically converted into store credit and added to your account within 24 hrs after your order has been fulfilled.

How do I redeem store credit?

Your points are automatically redeemed for you! This means that after you have earned points, the next time you shop with us on-line, your store credit will automatically be deducted from the total!

Does my store credit expire?

Your store credit never expires. 

Can I use my store credit when I checkout with Apple Pay?

Unfortunately for technical reasons the store credit cannot be redeemed with Apple Pay. You will still RECEIVE store credit when checking out with Apple Pay but you may not redeem them unless you checkout with PayPal or Credit Card.

Can I redeem my store credit for cash?

No, store credit may only be redeemed for online purchases in our store.

Can I gain / spend store credit on tax or shipping costs?

No, store credit do not apply towards tax or shipping.

Is store credit transferrable?

No, store credit is non transferable between people, accounts, or email addresses.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Nope. The more you buy, the more you save!

We appreciate your return business and loyalty means the world to us. We intend to do all we can to continue creating ways for our loyal customers to acquire additional value with every purchase.

Take a moment to be sure and bookmark our site and remember to sign in when ordering online so you don't miss any ❤️'s