Spray Wax & Detail Sprays

Automotive Spray Waxes & Detail Sprays

Spray wax is a liquid protective product designed for easy application onto clean exterior automtive surfaces. Unlike paste wax, its thin consistency facilitates smoother spreading and creates a more level layer, as it's applied with a spray bottle and distributed using a microfiber cloth or applicator. At Sky’s the Limit Car Care, our spray wax products simplify the application process, offering convenience and efficiency. For optimal results, prep your car by thoroughly washing it and eliminating any residual old wax or sealant—a crucial step to prevent potential scratches caused by lingering dirt. 

Quick Detailers enhance the gloss of a car at the same time offering some cleaning abilities to remove light dust, fingerprints or fresh bird droppings. A quick detailer spray can also enhance an existing sealant, wax or ceramic coating layer, serving as a 'boost' when the choosen protection shows signs of wear after a few weeks or months.