Collinite No.150 SLICKR 3 IN 1 Detailer *New*

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Collinite No.150 SLICKR 3 IN 1 Ceramic Detailer 

Super versatile! Quick Detailer / Ceramic Booster/Drying Aid in one

No. 150 Slickr from Collinite is a 3 in 1 ceramic spray which quickly & easily adds hydrophobic beading properties to the paintwork.  Not only does SLICKR provide a high gloss appearance and slick finish but it's non streaking, easy to use formula is a breeze to apply!  While it is very user friendly, this takes nothing from its versatility with uses on a wide variety of automotive exterior surfaces, including but not limited to paint, glass, ppf (clear bra), and trim! Utilizing an Sio2+polymer structure, Slickr excels as a stand-alone "spray wax" or even as a booster applied over any existing wax, sealant or ceramic coating; enhancing shine & adding up to 3 months of protection. Its versatility enables it to also be used as a drying aid, topper, clay lubricant or as a final inspection detailer; removing light dust and smudges. Safe for paint, glass, wheels & trim.


  • Easy wipe on / wipe off
  • High gloss shine.
  • Slick finish.
  • Removes light dust, fingerprints and smudges.
  • Up to 3 months of water beading.
  • Use as a clay lubricant, drying aid, or for show car prep.
  • Apply direct to paint or on top of wax, sealant, ceramic coating, or paint protection film.
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 600-1,000 sq ft.
  • Pleasantly scented. 


  • Always test product first in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired result.
  • Shake well before each use. 
  • For best results, use only on clean/non soiled surfaces. 
  1. Using a 2 microfiber towel process, apply 3-4 sprays of Slickr directly onto a 3x3ft surface.
  2. Spread product evenly on the surface with towel 1 (Microfiber Madness Slogger).
  3. Remove with towel 2 (dry Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile) before product dries.
  4. Flip towel 2 and change as necessary.

As a lubricating drying aid: 

  1. Following wash, while surface is still wet, apply 2 sprays of Slickr to one 3×3 ft panel at a time.
  2. Using a microfiber towel, wipe entire panel until dry.
  3. Flip towel as necessary, and change towels as they become saturated.
  4. Repeat process on all painted and glass surfaces.

As a clay lubricant: 

  1. Apply 2 sprays of Slickr directly onto a Colli-Flex Decon Towel (rubberized side).
  2. Without pressure, move decon towel over a 3×3 ft panel in a cross-hatch, overlapping pattern.
  3. Apply additional product to the surface in order to maintain slickness/lubrication and to avoid marring.
  4. Remove product from panel with a dry microfiber towel.
  5. Repeat process on all painted and glass surfaces.

*Not intended for:

  • Interior surfaces (leather, vinyl, dash).
  • Removal of surface defects, swirls, scratches.
  • Heavily soiled or contaminated surfaces.
  • Tires.

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