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Buff and Shine 6" Uro-Fiber Finishing Pad

Buff and Shine 6" Uro-Fiber Finishing Pad

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Buff and Shine 6" Uro-Fiber Pad

Buff and Shine listened to the feedback from end-users of their Uro-Fiber pads and engineered a new microfiber pad with a standard pile height and shorter profile that provides great finishing results, especially on softer paints. 

It is still possible to cut and finish with the Uro-Fiber Finisher pads, but most users will prefer to have the one-two punch Buff and Shine likes to call “The Uro-Fiber Twins”.  Start with the versatility of the Uro-Fiber pads for cutting and polishing, then bring the paint to an amazing finish with the Uro-Fiber Finisher.

For use with a Gear-Driven DA, Long Throw DA and Standard DA polisher. Not recommended for a High-Speed/Rotary polisher.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Strong interface foam .
  • Ability to cut, polish and finish on soft paints.
  • Washable.
  • For use with a Gear-Driven DA, Long Throw DA and Standard DA polisher.

Major Function:

  • Finishing


  • Material: Hybrid Microfibers 
  • Polishing Face Diameter: 6"
  • Velcro Diameter: 6"
  • Thickness: .375"
  • Color: Black
  • Made in the USA

Polishing Directions:

  • Fasten pad to machine taking care to securely center it on your backing plate
  • Follow polish dependant tips regarding speed, pressure, amount of polish, and priming a clean pad with some product
  • When polishing, clean your pad after each section with your Pad Brush or preferably blow it out with air compressor or Tornador before applying a couple more drops of polish for the next section.


  • Thoroughly clean residue from pad with water and APC solution and completely rinse clean.
  • Place in dust free area face down on clean grate to dry