Red's Detail SCPA T-Shirt (RD-1)

Red's Detail Co. T-Shirt w/ Free Shipping

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Red's Detail Co. T-Shirt w/ Free Shipping

Detailing T-Shirts for Animal Rescue!

We are excited to announce we are partnering with Red’s Detail Co. out of Atlanta, GA to give abandoned and abused animals a chance at a better life! 

Eron Knox out of Red's Detail in Atlanta, Georgia has been blessed to be able to save multiple dogs from the Atlanta Humane Society including Ruthie and Sir Henry. Both frequent Red’s shop and are friends to many of his clients. Eron learned first-hand while saving these dogs that the Atlanta Humane Society is a “no kill" shelter and because this is something very near and dear to his heart, he decided to make a couple hundred extra shirts with his new design and sell them online to raise money for this cause! 

We are also HUGE dog lovers here and have had an opportunity to save a dog of our own (Our beloved Missy) so when we heard Eron’s plans we asked if we could handle all the shipping labor and costs for the project and donate that money to the shelter or a national prevention of cruelty to animals association!  

All shirts are $19.99 with shipping cost included and all money raised will be donated directly to saving animals and improving their lives. 

If you LOVE the awesome design Eron created, love Red’s, or love dogs, we encourage you to pick up a shirt! 


  • Color: Black with White Lettering
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • CarPro USA Logo on left sleeve 
  • Brand: Gildan

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