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Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaning Gel - 17oz.

Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaning Gel - 17oz.

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Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaning Gel - 17oz

Streak free! ...even in the sun!

Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaner is the ultimate in streak free glass cleaners! Designed as a sprayable gel formula, Scholl Concepts ICE will not drip onto the dashboard, doors, or wiper cowl like other glass cleaners. Additionally Scholl Concepts has integrated a unique polymer sealant formula into ICE which creates a lotus affect, pushing water, dirt, and dust from the surface on contact to keep the glass clean moving forward!  

Many people struggle with the haze that builds up on the interior of the glass and Scholl Concepts has thought of this as well! The integrated polymer sealant also works on the interior to repel and avoid the typical haze buildup for a longer period than ever before!

To apply, spray surfaces to be treated and rub using circular motions.  Once spread and buffed off, ICE evaporates in seconds leaving behind a streak-free crystal clear surface! 


  • Streak free.
  • NON-drip gel formula.
  • Easily dissolves stubborn grime.
  • Built in polymer sealant.
  • Long lasting prevention of dirt and haze buildup on interior of glass.
  • Suitable for cleaning nearly any smooth surface.
  • Safe on aftermarket tint.


  1. Pair with a Cloudbuster glass cleaning towel for superior results.
  2. Spray the surface.  
  3. Wipe surface using Cloudbuster or quality non-linting microfiber.
  4. Follow with secondary towel that you do not allow to become saturated with cleaner.

Additional Glass Cleaning Tips

  1. Clean interior glass last (after all interior dressing is complete).
  2. Fold glass cleaning towel twice (into quarters). When in use keep flat and folded so cleaning and wiping pressure is evenly distributed.
  3. Never finish glass with a dirty or saturated towel.
  4. On interior of glass - finish in left to right direction. On exterior of glass - finish in vertical direction. In this manner you can easily identify which side of the glass a streak is on IF you see one after cleaning.


  • Made in Germany.
  • 16.9oz (500ml).