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KXK Dynamics Microfiber Sheet 10x12

KXK Dynamics Microfiber Sheet 10x12

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KXK Dynamics Microfiber Sheet 10" x 12"

For decades detailers and suppliers have purchased their pads from a handful of pad manufacturers across the world.  As small pads have become popular and tools that could properly utilize them created their necessity, we began to purchase smaller and smaller pads.  We assumed a 1" or 2" pad would be offered at a reasonable price but that hasn't been the case so KXK Dynamics decided to do something about it... Enter the "KXK Dynamics Microfiber Sheet 10" x 12"!  "Throw off the shackles", and punch your own pads in minutes with the Pad Punch Set and this incredible new pad polishing material provided by KXK Dynamics!  With the purchase of ONE 10" x 12" Sheet you can save nearly $275!!  That single sheet will cut (63) 1" pads or a combination of 1", 2", and 3" pads (See images for multiple nesting options).  Basically the money you create by purchasing a single sheet is enough to pay for an entire KXK Dynamics Polishing Punch Set and STILL have money left over!  From that day on, each sheet you purchase instead of buying the pads separately is like keeping $275 in your pocket!

Lower your product costs and create exactly the pads you need for far less!

Buy yours today! 


  • Specially crafted cell structure 
  • Increased cutting capabilities
  • Less pressure needed relative to typical microfiber pad material
  • Save $$$!  - Buy your own sheets and punch your own pads with the KxK Dynamics Punches or Complete Punch Set


  • Area: 10" x 12" 
  • Thickness: 3/8"
  • Microfiber Color: White
  • Foam Interface Color: Grey
  • Velcro Color: White


**Pad Punch Kit not included**