4 Essential Reasons to Wash Your Own Car

14th Aug 2019

4 Essential Reasons to Wash Your Own Car

There’s no better feeling than cruising down the road in a freshly detailed car. From its glossy exterior to its sparkling windows, it’s the perfect way to truly make a statement on the road. The interior matters too—we all love the new-car smell, however, 90 percent of it fades away after the first month unless it is extremely well maintained. A fresh clean is just what your car needs to get its groove back. While you may not think hand-washing your vehicle will result in a flawless finish, that’s not exactly the case. It all comes down to the correct techniques and quality products and tools. Here are some reasons to wash your own car for the best possible outcome.

Use your own trusted supplies

When you go to a car wash, while they do the work for you, you don’t get a say in what products they use. When you wash your car at home, you can have total reign over the supplies and cleaners. This means you can pick out trusted, specialty car care products to ensure they won’t harm your ride.

Customize your car detailing

Each car owner has different priorities when it comes to detailing their vehicle. Whether you’re all about an ultra-high gloss to your paint or you really get into scrubbing the tires, a major reason to wash your own car is that you have control. With your at-home wash, you can take your time on the areas that truly matter to you.

Save yourself a trip (and some extra cash)

Don’t take time out of your day to drive over to a car wash, wait in line behind other vehicles, and sit around as they clean your car. Save yourself the hassle—and some extra cash—by washing your vehicle at home. Plus, if you already have the washing products you need to make your car shine, you’ll save even more money and improve the cleaning quality.

Less harsh on your vehicle

While automatic car washes are powerful, there can be too much of a good thing. The extremely alkaline chemicals in the “no-touch” car washes can cause damage to your vehicles surfaces over time and do not get the vehicle fully clean. What’s worse is what we refer to as the “swirl-omatic!” These horrible machines literally scrub your paint with filthy and abrasive brushes which swirl up the paint on contact! Over time this completely destroys the gloss of the paint. The only way to fix it is through a proper paint correction which can take days or cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Additionally, car washes use the same machinery and materials on numerous vehicles throughout the day, meaning they rub already filthy brushes and tools across your paint. To truly understand the treatment your car is receiving and protect it from harm, it’s best to regularly wash your car at home.

When it comes to convenience, control, and quality, there’s no better option than washing your own car. On the next warm summer night, take your car out of the garage, pull out the cleaning supplies, fill up your buckets, and get to work—there’s truly nothing better for your car.