Tips for Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

13th Feb 2023

Tips for Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

With warm breezes and sunlit afternoons, spring is making itself known. And with wintry weather packing it in for another year, it’s prime time to get your bike back on the road! But there are a few things you should do before you take it out for the first cruise of the season. Check out our brief guide to see what you need to do to prepare your motorcycle for a successful spring.

Refer to Your Manual

Believe it or not, one of the best tips for getting your motorcycle ready for spring is dusting off that owner’s manual and cracking it open. Whether you’re still stuck in chilly temperatures or you’ve already welcomed the warm breezes of spring, taking some time to review your service booklet can set you up for a successful season on the road.

More specifically, skimming your manual will give insight into any parts that need immediate inspection or maintenance tasks you should take care of right away. Plus, it can tell you what to expect from your bike after months of sporadic use or no use at all. Having this information can help you form an effective preparation plan for your motorcycle to avoid unnecessary issues down the line.

Refresh Your Fuel

Although often overlooked, refreshing your fuel is another excellent tip for getting your motorcycle ready for spring. To many folks, stale gasoline doesn’t seem like a huge problem. But the truth is, it can wreak havoc on your fuel systems—especially in smaller vehicles like motorcycles. Gasoline comprises a refined chemical composition, which deteriorates quickly.

After a few months, the combustible elements of your fuel will start evaporating. This causes your bike to run roughly (or sometimes not at all). Plus, if fuel sits in your tank for long enough, it’ll create varnish deposits in your fuel system. Eventually, this will clog your lines and filters. That’s why refreshing your fuel after a long winter is always a good idea.

Make Time for Maintenance

This guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t touch on the importance of scheduling time for maintenance once you’re ready to get your bike back on the road. One of the first tasks on your to-do list should be checking your battery. After all, vehicle batteries typically experience the worst wear in the winter.

Thus, it’s wise to test it and ensure an adequate charge. Checking your tire’s tread and pressure is a smart next step. After that, you should examine your oil reservoir and filters to see if they need to be topped off, cleaned, flushed, or replaced. Taking time for all of these things will ensure that your motorcycle runs smoothly all spring long.

Schedule a Spring Cleaning

Once you skim your manual, check your fuel, and complete your maintenance tasks, you’ll be ready for the fun part—detailing your bike! There’s nothing better than revving up a perfectly polished motorcycle and showcasing it on the road. Thus, busting out your motorcycle detailing kit and giving everything a good wash, polish, and wax is as essential as tinkering with your oil reserves or battery.

Sure, detailing enhances your bike’s appearance. But even more than that, it protects it from dirt, debris, and damage from the sun. You shouldn’t skip over this step when you’re prepping your bike for spring. With fresh fuel, a charged battery, and your bike’s chrome and paint polished to look as vibrant as ever, you’ll be ready to hit the road again!