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KXK Dynamics 5" x 1.25" Palm Blox - Hard (KXK-PBH5)

KXK Dynamics 5" x 1.25" Palm Blox - Hard

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KXK Dynamics  5" x 1.25"  Palm Blox - Hard

KXK Dynamics develops products to improve efficiency, profitability, comfort and results for automotive detailing and body shop technicians. 

KXK Dynamics was created by a trio of extremely talented detailers and problem solvers, who are held in the highest regard by all of their peers and customers.  Jason Killmer (Ridler and Pebble Beach award winner), Andy Ward of Proficient X, and Eron Knox of Red’s Detail are among the most talented and innovative individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It is my honor to introduce their visions and brand to the world! 

The KXK Dynamics PALM BLOX Soft Set "advanced sanding blocks" were designed by Jason Kilmer and Eron Knox and are developed and manufactured by KXK Dynamics!  The PALM BLOX are designed to aid in block sanding for removing defects that cannot be achieved by compounding alone. When used in combination with sand paper, PALM BLOX ergonomic, patent-pending design, maximizes the contact between the sanding block and a vehicle panel to obtain a more consistent, even sanding mark that can be polished out quickly and easily!  Years of research and development results in the perfect palm blocks!  The PALM BLOX are offered in TWO unique styles "soft" and "hard" and (each in 3 different sizes) 3" x 3/4", 4" x 1", and 5" x 1 1/4" lengths. The PALM BLOX are designed to provide a unique tactile sensitive feedback to the technician and match any sanding preference!

For systematically block sanding automotive paint!

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  • (1)   5" x 1.25"   Black Hard Foam Block


  • Tactile feedback sensitivity
  • Contours to surface
  • Beveled Top
  • No Bevel on bottom
  • Customizable
  • For use on NON-OEM paint


  • Intended for use on automotive paint only