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Headlight Restoration Bundle*

Headlight Restoration Bundle*

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Headlight Restoration Bundle

Restore clarity to your headlights with our Basic Headlight Restoration bundle! This bundle comes with everything needed to safely and effectively remove heavy oxidation, cloudiness, and yellowing while delivering crystal clear results. Eliminate defects with the included KXK Dynamics SK-1 Sanding Kit and cut/refine using our CARPRO compounds and pads. Follow up with your favorite car sealant or with CQUARTZ DLUX 30ml (sold separately) to preserve brilliant clarity and protect from re-oxidation for up to a year.  This kit is capable of restoring headlights and taillights of multiple vehicles!  Get your kit today!  

Kit Contents: 


*Complete your kit but adding a RUPES BigFoot LHR 75E Mini (sold separately).


  1. Wash & Dry headlight.
  2. Using the red tape provided, tape off any painted areas surrounding the headlights. (Always use paint safe tape)
  3. Wet Sand with 1500 Grit Sanding Disc and R.I.D Stix HARD block. (Wrap sanding disc around flat side of block and use water in a spray bottle as lubrication)
  4. Wet Sand with 2000 Grit Sanding Disc and R.I.D Stix SOFT block.
  5. Wet Sand with 3000 Grit Sanding Disc and R.I.D Stix SOFT block.
  6. Compound headlight w/ CARPRO UltraCut and 3” microfiber cutting pad w/ DA or Rotary Polisher. 
  7. Polish with CARPRO Reflect and 3” polishing pad w/ DA or Rotary Polisher. 
  8. Remove all tape.
  9. Wipe headlights and surrounding areas with a clean damp microfiber towel to ensure all polishing residue has been removed. 
  10. Seal in your work with CQUARTZ DLUX 30ml (sold separately).


  1.  Sand in smaller passes to ensure entire surface area has been covered and previous sanding grit is removed. 
  2.  Switch out your sanding discs when you notice it losing its cutting ability. 
  3.  Ensure sanding discs stay clean and be sure to wipe off any debris from headlight prior to any sanding step.


Video Demo: