"Fast Glass" 100% Streak Free Glass Cloth

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"Fast Glass" 100% Streak Free Glass Cloths 

Our Fast Glass cleaning cloths are exactly what you need for fast and easy 100% streak free glass. I expect when you first open the package and view them you may have the same first reaction I did, "What did I just buy?!". They are very unassuming at first view but don't judge this book by its cover! The first time you wipe them across the interior of that hazy windshield or some other dirty surface all doubts will be put to the side! They are incredibly easy to use and no chemicals are needed! Simply wet the entire towel completely and then wring it out completely! After that well...take a look and see for yourself! Simply wipe the surface and within seconds it is dry without a spot, smear, or any haze to be found. Flip the towel to a clean side or use another as needed and you will be done almost as quickly as you start!  


  • Easy to Use.
  • Cleans and Dries in one step.
  • Value: Eliminates the need for more costly microfiber towels or cleaning chemicals.
  • Durable: Washable by machine over 100 times!
  • Environmentally Friendly: One less chemical needed in your detail supply.
  • Removes interior haze, outgassing, and dirt.
  • Clean glass, mirrors, countertops, and virtually any non porous surface.
  • Excellent polishing cloth for stainless steel, aluminum, and other surfaces.
  • Easily remove the oil, dust, and smudges from your iPad, phone, and other touchscreen devices.


  • Size: 16" x 16"
  • Weight: 130 gram
  • Color: White 


  1. Wet thoroughly (warm water will soften it best on first use).
  2. Wring out completely.
  3. Flatten and fold.
  4. Wipe dirty surface.
  5. Walk away.


  • If the surface is not spot free after use then you did not wring the Fast Glass cloth hard enough and it was too moist.
  • If streaks are found your towel is dirty and must be washed.
  • Towels soften after each machine wash making them easier to wring with each use.

After Care: (Like any other microfiber cloth)

  • When dirty simply wash it and re-use.
  • Machine wash with liquid "free and clear" detergent or microfiber detergent and rinse well to avoid any residue in towel.
  • You may wash with other (non-linting) microfiber towels but for best practice AVOID washing with towels that contain any wax or polymer quick detailer product.
  • Do NOT wash with regular clothings. This will cause lint to attach to the towels.
  • NO fabric softeners!
  • Hang Dry.

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