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ScanGrip Diffuser for MultiMatch 8

ScanGrip Diffuser for MultiMatch 8

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ScanGrip Diffuser for MultiMatch 8 

The perfect lighting for ceramic coatings!  

The large diffuser from Scangrip fits the MultiMatch 8 and allows for easy transformation into a great ambient lighting tool for applying coatings and finding any pesky high spots as you go!  

The light diffuser is designed to spread and soften the light, enabling you to illuminate an entire workspace and avoiding hard shadows. It gives you increased functionality and new possibilities to adapt your work light even further to the specific work task.

The cover is incredibly smooth and lightweight. The strong built-in magnets make it easy and safe to mount the cover on your SCANGRIP lamp.

Note: For MultiMatch 3 diffuser click here


  • Spreads and softens the light avoiding hard shadows
  • Illuminates the entire working area – even into the darkest corner
  • Minimizes reflections and harsh light
  • Reduces blinding



  • Size: Large