Microfiber Madness Mascot "Fluffy McFiber"

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Microfiber Madness
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Microfiber Madness Mascot "Fluffy McFiber"

Meet "FluffyMcFiber" the newest member of the Microfiber Madness family!

Fluffy McFiber is 8" high, has the Microfiber Madness logo on the front of his shirt and is holding a very soft towel in his left hand. He has no legs and no full right arm but because of the flat bottom, you can place him easily on your desk, on the rear dash of your vehicle or take him with you on the job!  Don't forget to tag Microfiber Madness and Fluffy McFiber Facebook pages if you post any funny pictures with him in your travels! 


  • Made in Germany.
  • Color: Blue, white & grey.

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