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Scholl Concepts M0 Extreme Cut Compound Sample

Scholl Concepts Marine M0 Extreme Cut Compound 1Kg

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Scholl Concepts Marine M0 Extreme Cut Compound 1Kg

M0 Extreme can also be described as “liquid sanding paper”. M0 eliminates even deep scratches and removes heavily weathered gelcoat surfaces without using sanding paper or soft sanding discs. The right cutting compound when all others fail to achieve top results! M0 creates a consistent and smooth matte finish that can be easily polished up in seconds to a perfect shiny finish.

For excellent results, apply M0 Extreme with the firm SCHOLL Sandwich Spider Pad or Premium Wool Pad at a polisher speed of 1000 to maximum 1500 rpm.


We advise to apply M0 Extreme only if the cutting performance of the very coarse compound M3 in combination with the SCHOLL Premium Wool Pad is insufficient.


  • Silicone and wax free
  • Easily Removes deep scratches, bird etchings, extreme water spots, and heavy defects


  • Made in Germany
  • Cut: 8/8
  • Gloss: 0/8
  • Grit: p1000