Pro Lock Extension Cord 50 Ft (Blue)

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Milspec Industries
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Pro Lock Extension Cord - 50 Ft - 12/3 AWG - Color Blue

If your extension cords have ever come apart, you know how frustrating it can be. Generally this happens just as you have reached a level of flow and are finally cruising along... Nothing is worse then having to stop in the middle, resolve the power issue, and then spend 5-10 minutes getting back into the level of efficiency you or your technician had previously reached. With the Pro Lock Extension Cord, we guarantee it will never happen again! Forget the old "hacks" like tying your cord in a loop! That can easily become a tripping hazard, resulting in injury, fines, or even lawsuits! Not only that, but tying your cord can even lead to its failure. When a cord with a standard plug is inserted into our Pro Lock® Connector, it locks and won't pull apart. This prevents accidental disconnects that result in an inconvenient loss of power. To release, simply pull down on the connector collar to disconnect the cords. The "CGM" Continuous Ground Monitoring system built into the Pro Lock® connector indicates there's ground continuity in the cord for added safety.  

Each Pro Lock® Extension Cord is molded with a patented Pro Lock® Connector, however these durable locking mechanisms are not the only feature. Pro Lock Extension Cords are housed by a custom flex industrial strength PVC jacket to allow for easy bends. That jacket houses 195 strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire and the ends are capped by custom connectors! The female end features a green "lamp" housed in a molded Pro Lock® Connector made of high impact polycarbonate! When ground continuity is established the plug glows green. Likewise, the male end features an amber "lamp" housed in a molded Pro Lock® Connector and when plugged into a power source the amber color lights up to indicate power is live!

Offered in 12 gauge, and colors blue or green, we provide options for both 25 Ft and 50 Ft.

Avoid an unsafe, inefficient, shabby looking shop and upgrade to Pro Lock Extension Cords today!  


  • Automatic locking feature: Simply insert U-Ground plug into our patented Pro Lock® connector, and push together to lock. Pull the collar down to unlock. It's that simple.
  • Pro Lock® connectors with high impact polycarbonate on both housing & collar.  Even driving over them with your vehicle will not damage the plugs!
  • Molded Lighted Amber Power Check plug and indicates when there is power running through the cord AND when there is not!
  • Molded Pro Lock® green lighted CGM connector identifies whether the cord has ground continuity or not!
  • Custom-Flex PVC jacket allows great flexibility even with our 12 gauge option!
  • Pro Lock® Pull Resistance: 80 lbs. horizontally or vertically.
  • Our -58°F (-50°C) special cold-weather PVC jacket guarantees working flexibility in temperatures well below freezing.
  • Manufactured to 12/3 AWG (American Wire Gauge) specifications.
  • Each of the three conductors contain 65 strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire.
  • OSHA certified.
  • UL Listed.

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