Sonus Ultra Fine Detailing Clay 100 gram

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Sonus SFX Ultra Fine Detailing Clay 100 gram

Safely remove stubborn paint contaminants with Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detail Clay!

We are proud to offer a personal favorite I have been using for years. Sonus Ultrafine clay is a safe way to easily remove "non-dissolvable" surface contaminants from a polished surface without introducing swirls! Purchase 2 bars and automatically save 10% on both!

Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay gently smooths, slicks and cleans your car's paint in one easy step. Acid rain, brake dust, road silt and a range of fallout are brutal enemies of your car's beautiful clear coat paint finish. Regular use of water and shampoo wash away loose dirt but not the bonded contamination. The sun helps these pollutants to penetrate, oxidize and eventually destroy your paint. Traditional automotive detailing clays are designed to remove heavy contamination. They work by sheering off dirt particles on the surface of your car's paint. A medium to heavy-duty detailing clay will remove harsh, stubborn contamination, but may also create fine scratches that require polishing. Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay is so fine that it will not leave microscopic scratches and offers safe contamination removal. It cannot be over-used. In fact, Sonus SFX-Ultra Fine Detailing Clay is so fine that it will not remove most waxes. This fine clay comes in 100 gram bars, is body shop safe, formulated for use on new soft clear coats and prevents marring and hazing. Sonus SFX-Ultra Fine Detailing clay is softer and more pliable, making it easy to reshape for all of those tight contoured areas. Use Sonus SFX-Ultra Fine Detailing Clay regularly to remove road grime, bug and bird remains, rail and brake dust, fine paint overspray, road salts, hard water deposits, industrial fallout and acid rain.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains no harsh abrasives.
  • Non-tacky after lube is sprayed.  
  • Will not create scratches that require polishing.  
  • Will not remove most waxes.
  • Intended to remove contamination.
  • Leaves a smooth, glass-like finish.


  1. Wash vehicle.
  2. Spray area with Ultima Cleaning Lubricant.  Never use detailing clay on a dry surface.
  3. Only work in a 2' by 2' area at a time.  
  4. Gently rub clay across lubricated area, using a back and forth motion. 
  5. If detailing clay sticks to the surface, simply spray more lubricant onto the surface. 
  6. Wipe surface dry using a clean, dry microfiber towel.
  7. As the detailing clay becomes dark with contaminants, clean and reshape clay to reveal clean surface. 
  8. After use, always store detailing clay in a sealed container.  

Note: If dropped, detailing clay should be discarded as contaminants will stick to clay and introduce scratches to painted surfaces.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Clear coated surfaces.   
  • Painted surfaces.
  • Fiberglass surfaces.
  • Chrome surfaces.
  • Glass surfaces.

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