Waxaddict Quick Detailer 17 oz

Waxaddict Quick Gloss QD

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Waxaddict Quick Gloss Detailer 500ml

The perfectly simple and fast touch of perfection!

Waxaddict Quick Detailer is a simple and fast touch of perfection!  Waxaddict Quick Detailer removes light dust and fingerprints whilst maintaining or enhancing the gloss of our revolutionary wax blends. Our Quick Detailer blend uses a mixture of water, wax, and surfactants which lubricate as you wipe, safely removing the contaminants.  The formula also lays down a top layer of wax which will add further gloss and refresh the hydrophobic abilities of our waxes. 


  1.  Mist lightly onto surface and use a clean Crazy Pile Towel to wipe away
  • Do Not use on glass
  • Do Not Ingest
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use pressure