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OBSSSSD Tire Dressing - Matte - 16 oz.

OBSSSSD Tire Dressing - Matte - 16 oz.

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OBSSSSD Tire Dressing - Matte - 16 oz.

OBSSSSD Tire Matte Finish is a water-based tire dressing consisting of hydrating, gloss enhancing and preservative agents. It replaces moisture lost from the rubber compound and protects the surface from the discoloration and cracking caused by ultraviolet radiation. 

Note: For ideal results, only use OBSSSSD Tire Matte Finish on freshly cleaned rubber.

Key Benefits:

  • ECO Friendly & Bio-degradable.
  • Drys to the touch.
  • Leaves a deep, matte black finish.
  • VOC compliant.


  1. Spray a small amount of OBSSSSD Tire Matte to an applicator or brush.
  2. Evenly apply OBSSSSD Tire Matte across the surface of the tire.
  3. Allow product to soak into tire or remove any excess product with a microfiber cloth.

 Recommended Surfaces:

  • Tires.