How to Clean Your Car Interior Like A Pro

13th Aug 2019

How to Clean Your Car Interior Like A Pro

Annually, American drivers spend more than 17,600 minutes driving behind the wheel. With all those hours spent in your car, it’s important to keep the interior spotless. There’s no shortage to the dirt and debris that can accumulate in your car, but with the right techniques, you can clean it with ease. You’ll be able to banish the dirt and grime in no time with these tips on how to clean your car interior like a pro.

Clear out the junk

We’re all guilty of accumulating trash in our car’s nooks and crannies, but it’s important to clear it out regularly. Bring miscellaneous items such as toys and other knick-knacks back inside, and then use a garbage bag for any trash that got stuck in between the seats. It’s important to clear out the big stuff before you move onto dusting and vacuuming.

Dust and wipe down hard surfaces

Once you clear out the garbage, it’s time to tackle the dirt and dust. Using the right products will emphasize your interior’s aesthetics, while still protecting the seats, dashboard, and other surfaces. Not only will it breathe new life into your interior, but it will also freshen up your car’s overall scent (or lack thereof). You want to complete the bulk of this step before you vacuum so that you dont push dirt back onto a clean floor but the “protection step” where interior sealants or conditioners are applied, we leave for after the vacuum step. We do this in order to wipe off any slight dust that is stirred up from the vacuum process.

Clean the windows

We all know it’s necessary to clean your exterior windows but to truly clean your car like a pro, you’ve got to focus on the interior windows as well. Not only do those streaks look unseemly, but the reduced visibility can be dangerous. Use a high-quality glass cleaner to ensure your view through the windshield is pristine. Pro Tip - When wiping the exterior of the glass be sure to use a vertical motion as opposed to a horizontal motion on the interior! We do this so that we can quickly see where a streak is should we miss one. Is it on the outside or the inside? Now you will know instantly so you can easily remedy the situation!

Vacuum the floor

Carpets are magnets for debris, so whip out the vacuum and get to work. To reach every nook and cranny with ease, Metropolitan Car Vacuums are the way to go. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to this step—if we don’t focus on our car’s floor, the cleanliness in the rest of the car will follow.

Clean floor mats

If the floor mats cannot be washed then vacuum them at the same time you vacuum the carpets. If you have rubber floor mats then remove them and give them a thorough wash; make sure you complete this step outside of the car as to not damage the rest of your interior. Debris always finds a way into our car floor mats, so this step will help you banish any lingering dirt.

Your vehicle is your home away from home, so keep its interior spotless. Grab a car interior detailing kit, some elbow grease, and get to work! With our tips, your car will feel brand new each time you get behind the wheel.