Why You Should Detail Your Car in the Winter

30th Mar 2022

Why You Should Detail Your Car in the Winter

Winter can be harsh on your vehicle if you don’t take the time to care for it. After all, brutal weather brings ice, snow, and slurries, and these elements can be damaging to your car. Take a moment to explore some of the reasons that routine vehicle detailing should be on your winter checklist.

Cars Get Dirtier in the Winter

There are numerous reasons why you should detail your car in the winter, but one of the more straightforward arguments is that vehicles are more susceptible to dirt throughout the wintry season. Think about it—with weather like ice and snow flurries, your car will likely have to navigate through:

  • Dirt
  • Slush mixtures
  • Winter grime
  • Road salt

These obstacles all result in a lot of dirt and grime buildup that looks unpleasant and has the potential to damage your car’s paint and other exterior features. Specifically, if any of these things are left to fester on your vehicle, they will inevitably cause your paint to rust or corrode prematurely.

Plus, all that dirt and ice you track into your car each time you hop in and out of it will assuredly fill your vehicle with smelly odors. So it’s best to make detailing your car a part of your winter routine.

Prevents Rusting and Damage

Similarly, making time for vehicle detailing throughout the winter months is crucial to preventing rust and other types of long-term damages. As mentioned previously, winter and the things it brings have real potential to wreak havoc on the exterior of your car.

Ice and snow buildup can quickly lead to premature rusting. And while the damages might seem minor, rust can eat away at your exterior features. Plus, it depreciates your vehicle’s value considerably. Road salt getting stuck to your car’s undercarriage, tires, and paint is another excellent reason why you should detail your car in the winter.

It might be great for enhanced traction and safety on slick roads, but when you leave road salt to build up on your vehicle, it eats away at some of your car’s most crucial exterior features. And if it finds its way into the right crevice, it can damage the internal parts of your vehicle, too.

Additionally, if ice on your car is left to melt and refreeze overnight, it can cause your door seals to stick or crack, causing interior leaks. Thus, it’s always best to ensure that you have a set of pro detailing products handy to help you keep up with your winter detailing schedule. Trust us; you’ll be glad you kept up with it.

Mitigates Safety Hazards

Of course, detailing your car throughout the winter helps you protect yourself from hazardous situations that could result in an accident. To start, ice buildup can cause accidents on the road if it’s collecting in places such as:

  • Door handles
  • Wiper blades
  • Side view mirrors
  • Back-up cameras

These things all dictate how well you’re able to see while driving. So, if ice is left to fester on these features, it can be perilous once you get out on the road. This is especially true if you deal with ice, dirt, and grime.

Plus, keeping your car clean will ensure that there’s no opportunity for snow and ice to collect on your roof. This eliminates the chances of snow and ice flying off your vehicle and into other drivers.