Detailing Outlaws Buffaway Polisher Rack

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Detailing Outlaws Buffaway Polisher Rack

The premium quality Polisher Rack solution! Store your preferred polishers in style!

The Detailing Outlaws Buffaway is the definition of quality and customization for organizing your polishing station! Providing easy access to all your favorite polishers, polishing tools and accessories at a moments notice, the Buffaway boasts a variety of features down to the smallest detail, and even includes a built in bottle opener! Designed to be fully customizable with a range of add-ons, the Buffaway fits nearly any polisher and is designed to match the personality of YOU and your shop. Available in 3 color options and unlimited customizations, the Buffaway is 100% German made with the highest quality materials, finishes, and design functions. Details matter and the Buffaway comes out of the box with fasteners that mount to nearly any wall, as well as pre-assembled rubber liner emblematic of a leather holster lip! These built in liners protect your machine from being scratched near the mount as well as around the cable saddle.  Probably not last and certainly not least, the Buffaway is also built with more depth than other rack on the market to avoid your machine touching against the wall of your detailing studio.

Let's talk accessories... while you certainly do not need any additional accessories and the Buffaway is in and of itself a complete tool with all fasteners included, options are great!  Therefore Detailing Outlaws designed the Buffaway ecosystem with a multitude of add ons and options!  From the tape holder which holds rolls of tape up to 2" in width, to the bottle holder which may house your preferred 8oz bottle of polish, to the two battery holder options, and the REALLY cool color inserts, options are boundless!  Each of the accessories may even be mounted directly to a wall or detail cart for those not interested in a polisher rack.  Note: Tape Holder mounts to right side only.  All other accessories may be mounted to either side.  Choose up to 2 of the options listed if you wish! 

The primary unit we call "Buffaway" which houses your polisher comes in 3 distinct colors whilst each of the optional accessories described above also come in multiple color options. You may mix and match colors as you wish or stay within one color scheme, to match your Buffaway perfectly. Personally, Corey loves the all blue matte metallic while Josh went for the Limited Edition glossy green Buffaway polisher rack! Detailing Outlaws even designed "color plates" in 4 colors including white, black, yellow, and red!  With discrete magnets mounted to the Color Plate, it pops into place in just seconds!

To make the customizations truly limitless, you may even wrap your "color plate" in a vinyl of your choosing. Of special note to us: All fabrication steps, finishing, and even packaging materials, are produced locally, supporting small family businesses nearby Detailing Outlaws in their small town of Walden, Germany.

Find your Buffaway accessories here or buy your Buffaway today!  


  • Fully customizable with a myriad of accessory options.
  • Rubber lip pre-assembled on polisher mount area
  • Rubber lip pre-assembled on cable storage area
  • Fasteners included. (2 Fischer dowels + 2 screws)
  • Fischer dowels work in nearly any wall, from drywall to wood.
  • 2mm thick steel, thicker than any other holder on the market.
  • Tested with 15 unique polishers and designed to fit them all.
  • 100% Made in Walden, Germany. From the rack to even the fasteners, and of course every accessory!
  • Made Local - Small local family businesses only!
  • Built in bottle opener.
  • Fasteners included with each accessory
  • Accessories may also be mounted directly to wall for those not interested in a polisher rack.


  • Height:  10.5"
  • Width: 7.8"
  • Depth: 5"
  • Material: Steel.

Finish/Color Options:

  • Light Blue Matte Metallic / Powder Coated. (Permanent Edition)
  • Charcoal Matte Metallic / Powder Coated. (Permanent Edition)
  • Green Glossy Metallic / 2 Layer Powder Coat. (color coat + gloss clear coat) (LIMITED Edition)

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