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RUPES BigFoot LHR 21 Mark 3 Complete Kit (LHR21III/US/CMP)

RUPES BigFoot LHR 21 Mark 3 Complete Kit

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RUPES Bigfoot LHR 21 Mark III Complete Kit

RUPES BigFoot random orbitals are evolving! The polishing system that has changed the polishing game forever continues to improve and show exactly why they are the top choice of polishers for professionals around the world.

With its 21mm orbit and 6" backing plate, the LHR 21 Mark III random orbital polisher is the perfect tool for working large surface areas. This allows the operator to achieve ultra-high quality finishes, even with limited passes. The new and improved rubberized front grip of the Mark III offers exceptional comfort for the operator while providing a non-slip surface for control. The improved rear handle also integrates rubberized surfaces for improved feel. Two strategically placed, non-marking, tool rests provide stability when the tool is not in use as well as additional protection against unintended impact. 

The electronic speed control dial has also been updated and allows for easy adjustment of the polisher speed without requiring the operator to move their hands. The larger dial makes changing speed a breeze without interrupting the polishing process. Another new upgrade is the new progressive trigger! Acting as a throttle to control speeds within the dial range, the progressive trigger allows the operator to make subtle adjustments for precise control without interruption of the process or need to reposition the grip to access the speed dial. The highly efficient motor of the Mark III BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher produces a speed range of 3000 to 4500 for the 21mm model. The specially engineered and custom wound motor, created in-house by RUPES, generates high levels of torque while requiring just 500 watts of input. This results in RUPES offering the most efficient motor in random orbital polishing today! 

Kit Includes: 

  • (1) LHR21III Polisher.
  • (1) 981.321N 150mm/6in backing plate.
  • (1) 9.DACOARSE250 250ml coarse compound.
  • (1) 9.DAFINE250 250ml fine compound.
  • (1) 9.PURE250 250ml ultrafine polish.
  • (1) 9.DA150H coarse blue foam pad.
  • (1) 9.DA150M fine yellow foam pad.
  • (1) 9.DA150S ultrafine white foam pad.
  • (1) 9.BW150H coarse DA wool pad.
  • (1) 9.BW150M medium DA wool pad.
  • (3) Microfiber cloths.
  • (1) 9.BF7001 Claw Pad Tool.
  • (1) 9.Z868 detailing apron.
  • (1) RUPES Cable Management Clamp.
  • (1) Semi-rigid BigFoot carrying bag.


  • Made in: Italy.
  • Orbit: 21mm.
  • RPM: 3000-4500.
  • Power: 500 W.
  • Weight: 5.95 lbs.
  • Backing Plate Diameter: 150mm/ 6".
  • Backing Plate thread: M8.
  • Cord Length: 29.5 ft.