Ultima Paint Prep Plus - 12 oz.

Ultima Paint Prep Plus - 12 oz.

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Ultima Paint Prep Plus - 12 oz.

Enhance overall gloss, depth of shine with Ultima Paint Prep Plus!  Ultima Paint Prep Plus is a fine, non-abrasive polish that deep cleans paint, smoothes away swirl marks, water spots and fine surface scratches, and increases overall paint gloss. As it cleans and polishes, Ultima Paint Prep Plus leaves behind a special primer designed to promote proper bonding of Ultima Paint Guard Plus paint protection. Using Ultima Paint Prep Plus greatly enhances and extends the life of Ultima Paint Guard Plus as both are boosted by the power of Polycharger.

 Key Benefits:

  • Boosted by Polycharger®;  
  • Deep cleans and polishes away swirl marks and water spots  
  • Promotes proper bonding of Ultima Paint Guard Plus for longer lasting protection 


  • Use included foam polishing pad to apply Ultima Paint Prep Plus.
  • Apply to one panel at a time.  
  • Work in thoroughly until only a light film remains.
  • Allow film to dry to a haze.
  • Buff off with a soft polishing towel or a microfiber bonnet.
  • Repeat if necessary to remove stubborn swirl marks or water spots.  

Note: Apply to a clean, dry vehicle only. Ultima Paint Prep Plus may be applied by hand or by machine.

Frequency of Use: Ultima Paint Prep Plus is a very gentle polish. Use twice a year as a pre-treatment prior to applying Ultima Paint Guard Plus

 Recommended Surfaces:

  • Paint surfaces with minor imperfections   
  • Paint being prepared for application of Ultima Paint Guard Plus  


  •  Ultima Paint Prep Plus, 12 oz. 
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