Sky's The Limit SOFTouch Waffle Finishing Pad 5"

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Sky's The Limit  5 1/2" SOFTouch Waffle Finishing Pad

Innovative Pad Technology

The Sky's The Limit Waffle Finishing Pad utilizes extremely soft waffle shaped foam for finishing to a high gloss on even the most sensitive paints! Our design includes a taper to allow access into all areas of a panel. This fine open cell foam is highly compressible offering an even and steady jeweling action against fine paints and sensitive surfaces while the recessed velcro provides reassurance near adjacent panels and curves. Paired with Scholl Concepts S30+ it's a system all should have in their arsenal!


  • Fine open cell foam.
  • Easily compresses - A joy to use on all curves.
  • Waffle pattern.
  • Taper to allow access into tight places.
  • Suitable for D/A or rotary polisher.


  • Made by Scholl Concepts in Germany.
  • Cut: 1/8 Very little.
  • Finish: 8/8 Perfection.
  • Material: Polyurethane sandwich.
  • Polishing face diameter: 5 1/2".
  • Thickness: Varies.
  • Hook & loop diameter: 5".
  • Color: Black on orange.
  • Velcro color: Black.

Polishing Directions:

  • Fasten pad to machine taking care to securely center it on your backing plate.
  • Follow polish dependent tips regarding speed, pressure, and amount of polish.
  • When polishing, clean your pad after each section with your compressed air or blower tool before applying a few more drops of polish for the next section.


  • Clean the polishing surface of pad and allow to dry before next use.

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