P21S Total Auto Wash

P21S Total Auto Wash

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P21S Total Auto Wash (33.8 Oz)

P21S Total Auto Wash is a powerful cleaner, safe for interior and exterior detailing!

P21S Total Auto Wash is powerful enough to clean dirt and grime from wheel wells and rocker panels, remove diesel soot and other tough stains, and is still gentle enough to be used on floor mats. Wax or other build-up on paintwork is easily removed with P21S Total Auto Wash. This powerful formula contains a citrus-based solvent that increases its power and leaves a fresh orange scent.


  • Safely cleans all areas of vehicle  
  • Removes heavy soils & stains 
  • Works on carpet and floor mats
  • Leaves a fresh orange scent 

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Clear coated surfaces   
  • Painted surfaces
  • Engine compartment surfaces
  • Plastic & glass surfaces
  • Carpet & interior surfaces 


  • Spray P21S Total Auto Cleaner on surface to be cleaned. 
  • Agitate surface with soft cloth or brush appropriate to the surface to remove soil.
  • On exterior surfaces, rinse thoroughly with water.  
  • On interior surfaces, wipe soil and residue away with a damp, soft cloth.  


  • Size: 33.8 oz.
  • Made in: Germany