The Safest Wash Mitts for Your Car: Get the Perfect Clean

21st Feb 2020

The Safest Wash Mitts for Your Car: Get the Perfect Clean

When it comes to cleaning your car, the last thing you want to do is damage it. Cars on the road today are on average 11years old, so keeping them in great condition is more important than ever. Your wash mitts, in particular, should never harm your car by scrubbing it too harshly. Here are the safest wash mitts for your car to keep your ride pristine.

Microfiber Car Wash Mitts

Microfiber is always a safe bet when it comes to cleaning items safely, and microfiber car wash mitts are no exception to that rule. These typically have long microfiber strands that allow you to wash your car quickly. The best part is that these mitts are incredibly easy to wash once you’re done using them; since the strands are separated, the dirt practically slides off. Easy to use and gentle on your car, these microfiber mitts are great options for people wanting to keep their rides in pristine condition.

Wool Car Wash Mitts

If you want a wash mitt that will hold onto soap for the ultimate clean, wool car wash mitts are the way to go. Their soft, piled material allows them to catch anything that may be clinging to your car while minimizing any threat of scratching. They are some of the safest wash mitts for your car, as well as the softest options. They are recommended for softer painted cars. The only downside is they require a bit more maintenance when washing them, but this is easily masked by the benefits of the wool. When it comes to what the enthusiasts trust, wool is the way to go.

Microfiber Madness Incredimitt

Combining the cleaning power of microfiber and the delicate touch of wool, the IncrediMitt provides all the best properties a wash mitt has to offer. Rather than having the typical strands of a microfiber mitt, the IncrediMitt has a blend of fibers that pile together, much the same as a wool mitt. This allows for ease of use, superior cleaning capabilities, and an incredibly safe wash, all in one. If you can’t decide between the two options above, this mitt is a safe bet. The Incredimitt is meticulously crafted in Germany and is one of the many high quality products from the Microfiber Madness brand . If a mitt isn't your style. The company also has pads, sponges, and an extendable pole rendition.

Nothing is more important than protecting your vehicles paint and it all starts with the proper washing tools and technique. Selecting the right mitt and polishing your car to perfection with Lake Country Pads is a great place to start. Combine that with the proper car soap and you are on your way to maintain your vehicle for years to come.