Merino Wool Duster

Merino Wool Duster

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Merino Wool Duster

The Merino Wool Duster is the smart alternative to dirt-collecting waxed cotton. The ultra lightweight, All-Wool pelt eliminates dust with an inherent static charge that can be enhanced with the technique below. The easy-to-hold, foot-long Birch handle with a self-hanging leather strap allows you to apply just the right touch up to your beauty any time. 


  • Long fibre and dense wool hold dust
  • Leather hang strap
  • Birch hardwood dowel handle
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Before and between uses charge duster with static electricity - rub the Merino wool duster handle back and forth in a spinning motion rapidly between your palms.  Once charged dust will lift off without pressing the brush to the paint.
  • Hover the duster just a millimeter above painted surface and lift dust off.