Ceramic Coating Bundle Cquartz Tio2

Ceramic Coating Mega Bundle

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Ceramic Coating Mega Bundle

Our Ceramic Coating Mega Bundle includes everything you need to decontaminate, polish, prepare, coat, and add slickness to your finish and protect it long term!

Kit Contents: 

  • CQuartz Tio2 or CQuartz UK (**Must Choose One - 30 ml or 50 ml kit**): Never again will iron contamination, tar, and pollutants penetrate your paint surface. Protect it with CQuartz nanotechnology ceramic coating.

  • Microfiber Suede 4" x 4" Applicators - Qty 5 included in CQuartz Kit: Preferred Applicator for CQuartz.

  • Foam Block ApplicatorQty 1 included in CQuartz Kit: Used in tandem with Microfiber Suede 4"x4" Applicators.

  • Cquartz Mirror Hanger: Educate others on how to care for your newly perfected and CQuartz coated paint!

  • CarPro Ech2o 500 ml: Quick Detailer designed for Cquartz.

  • CarPro Reload 500ml: Add slickness and gloss to your coatings with CarPro Reload.

  • Cquartz Keychain (OUT OF STOCK)Represent your favorite ceramic coating with our CQuartz Keychain. Vanilla Scented.


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