Ceramic Coating Bundle Cquartz Tio2

Ceramic Coating Mega Bundle

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Ceramic Coating Mega Bundle

Our Ceramic Coating Mega Bundle includes everything you need to decontaminate, polish, prepare, coat, and add slickness to your finish and protect it long term!

Kit Contents: 

  • CQuartz Tio2 or CQuartz UK (**Must Choose One - 30 ml or 50 ml kit**): Never again will iron contamination, tar, and pollutants penetrate your paint surface. Protect it with CQuartz nanotechnology ceramic coating.

  • Microfiber Suede 4" x 4" Applicators - Qty 5 included in CQuartz Kit: Preferred Applicator for CQuartz.

  • Foam Block ApplicatorQty 1 included in CQuartz Kit: Used in tandem with Microfiber Suede 4"x4" Applicators.

  • Cquartz Mirror Hanger: Educate others on how to care for your newly perfected and CQuartz coated paint!

  • CarPro Ech2o 500 ml: Quick Detailer designed for Cquartz.

  • CarPro Reload 500ml: Add slickness and gloss to your coatings with CarPro Reload.

  • Cquartz Keychain (OUT OF STOCK): Represent your favorite ceramic coating with our CQuartz Keychain. Vanilla Scented.


For more information on each product in this kit visit the applicable product pages linked above



Cquartz Application Instructions 

•   Cquartz Tio2 was made for hot climates, has more UV protection than UK, provides a reflective gloss while UK adds more depth and Cquartz Tio2 is easier to apply for beginners.


•  Cquartz UK was made for colder climates, is stronger against salty conditions. UK is slightly thicker and repels water a little bit better than Tio2. UK 3.0 version is easier to apply in hot and humid temps than previous versions.

Paint Prep:

*If you do not have any of the following compounds or polishes,  Do not use any that are really oily or has fillers as they will not allow the coating to bond to the paint correctly.*

Paint Coating:


Application Video: - CQuartz UK 2014 Application - Youtube

Regardless of if you choose CQuartz UK or CQuartz Tio2 that video is great!  Just slight difference on the point you wipe off at depending on the version you apply.  

  • CQuartz Tio2 - you wipe off after it gets a slight grip to it and looks dry but BEFORE it is difficult to wipe. *Not recommend for application under 55 F. The hotter it is the faster the coating will flash.
  • CQuartz UK 3.0 – May become hard and grippy to remove before it becomes easy to wipe off. If this happens wait 1 min and do a test wipe. Continue as needed until it wipes off with ease and surface is free of streaks. 


Here is a brief outline of the process:

  • Wash with CarPro Reset
  • Tar X as needed if you have tar. (avoid clear bra and other plastics, headlights, trim… etc.  If it drips onto them rinse or wipe off immediately.)
  • Iron X entire vehicle (if using in sun do NOT allow it to dry on the paint)
  • Clay if needed (for paint overspray contaminants or if still rough after Iron X)
  • Compound with Scholl Concepts S3XXL .  If compounding isn’t needed go straight to polishing with Reflect (do a couple test sections to check)
  • Polish with CarPro Reflect (at a minimum a light polish should be performed to prep surface for coating) - Use very little.  One thin line for fresh pad and only 3-4 tiny dots for each section after.  Polish until its gone and then wipe off even though there will be VERY little to wipe. (CarPro Essence Extreme can be also be used for this step instead or Meguair’s M205 or Scholl Concepts S30)
  • Eraser - use liberally and flip/switch mf towels often so as not to re-deposit oils on the paint
  • CQuartz Coating -  (15ml +/- per coat per average sized vehicle; Ex: Honda Accord) (*Towels recommended for coating removal: CarPro 2Face No Lint Towels*)
    1. Wrap Suede over the gray side of the foam applicator block. 
    2. Slightly shake the bottle of Cquartz. 
    3. Drag one or two lines of product down the applicator.
    4. Wipe across surface in cross cross pattern. Add more product as needed. Flip the suede applicator over after working on a panel or two, and switch to a new cloth when needed to avoid streaking.
    5. Finding the right time to level coating (wipe off excess coating) after flashing:  
      • Take a 2ft x 2ft test section to determine flash time before applying coating to entire vehicle.  Flash time will vary depending on temperature, humidity and paint type.
        • If coating is applied thick than coating will take longer to flash. If applied thin coating will flash faster. Hotter temps will cause it to flash faster, Cold Temps will cause it to flash slower.
        • When it starts to flash you will start to see colors that will make the coating look like a rainbow or like an oil slick. You will see hints of blue, purple, and yellow.  
        • Remove too soon and it will just be oily with no grab to it when wiping. Will not give coating a chance to bond.
        • Remove too late and it becomes hard to remove with a dry towel. 
        • You want to remove when you feel it giving just a little push back against your towel but not hard to remove and no longer oily.  Should feel like a nice sealant or wax does. It may leave some streaks at first but with the second wipe with a fresh clean side of the towel the streaks should wipe off and the paint should be nice and clear. 
        • Lighting is key to make sure you wipe off completely when you do wipe off.  You don't want spot lighting like would use on paint correction but ambient lighting. Looking at the paint from different angles to make sure no coating is missed. Spot lighting will "wash out" the high spots visually. Think of it like this: when you wipe off a sealant you have hours to go and check it again outside or in more light etc.  In this case you need to pay attention as you go rather then wait an hour. Thorough removal of the coating is very necessary as any product left on the surface will harden and require polishing to remove.
        • Cquartz Tio2 - Wait between 1- 5 minutes and find the right window to wipe. 
        • Cquartz UK 3.0 – Depending on the environment you are working in, it may start to become somewhat difficult to remove within the first 2-4 mins. It may feel tacky and or super grippy and it will smear and leave streaking. If that happens you will want to wait an additional 1 min and do a small test wipe to check. Continue checking in 1 min increments until coating wipes off clean and easily
    • High spots - A high spot is an excess coating that was not leveled (wiped off).  It will look like an application mark or If you get to them within minutes then a bit more product will lift them.  Otherwise you would use a dot of finishing polish such as CarPro Essence or Reflect and rub the high spot off, wipe it down with Eraser or your IPA of choice, and then re-coat that area and start wiping off the perimeter early working inwards to feather it. If a high spot is found after the coating has cured it will require polishing with a machine to remove, wipe down with Eraser and than re-coat.
    • If applying two coats of CQuartz, Apply second coat after 45-60 mins. If the 60 min point has passed and as long as the car is being garaged the second coat can be applied the next day or after a minimum of 12 hrs.
    • Avoid any rain or water for a minimum of 1 hour. If the vehicle should get wet within the first 24 hours, it should be carefully dried as the coating will be more vulnerable to water spots within the first 24 hours.

•   Topper:

  • Reload: If you can garage the vehicle we would apply the Reload the next day but otherwise 45-60 min from when you started the CQ treatment.  Reload can also be used as a stand alone sealant without using CQuartz.  
    1. Do not apply in direct sun
    2. Apply in good ambient lighting
    3. Shake well
    4. Spray a few sprays across small section, spread and buff in evenly with quality microfiber towel
    5. Work it into the paint evenly until almost flashed away  
    6. Flip Towel and buff off remaining residue
    7. Be sure to work in great ambient lighting and check the panel closely before moving to the next panel.  

Coating Maintenance:

•   For aftercare:**Washing regularly is the most important item.**

  1. Do not wash with soap for 5-7 days after application.

  2. The best thing to do is start using CarPro Reset to wash with regularly.  Other soaps can leave residue that temporarily mess up the beading and let dust and dirt stick more.  

  3. Wash Mitt: - Merino Wool Wash Mitt (Recommended if car has soft paint or car does not get extremely dirty)  OR Microfiber Madness Incredimitt 

  4. Drying Towel: Microfiber Madness Dry Me Crazy towel 

  5. CarPro ECH2o Concentrate and Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile (need about 3-6) towels for Quick detailing

  6. Occasionally (every 3 to 6 months) decontaminate surface with CarPro Iron X.  Use during wash cycle (after Reset)
If using Reload as topper: use every 3-4 months, for special occasions, any time you like, or after Iron X



A.- Avoid sprinkler and hard tap water (If your vehicle is subjected to this and it is not removed in the regular wash cycle then use CarPro Spotless and MF towel.)


B.- Remove bird bombs from vehicle surfaces immediately (CarPro Ech2o + MF towel)