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Perfect Detail Chemical Bundle

Perfect Detail USA CARPRO 500ml Bundle*

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Perfect Detail USA CARPRO 500ml Bundle 

Brad's essential CARPRO Products

Brad Norby, Owner of Perfect Detail USA, is a proud partner of STL and the CARPRO brand. Brad chooses to align himself with the same ethics and ideologies that we strongly uphold here. Perfect Detail USA is a Florida based detailer that inspires car lovers across the nation through satisfying and educational Tik-Tok, Instagram, and YouTube videos. Here are some of his favorite products that he uses on every detail! 

Kit Includes:

  • CARPRO IronX 500ml: Iron removal - Use for decontamination every 6 - 12 months after Reset wash.
  • CARPRO Reload 500ml: Spray sealant - Apply every 3-4 months if daily driver or every 4-6 if garage queen, on special occasions, after Iron X or Tar X treatment or anytime you like.  

For more information on each product in this kit visit the applicable product pages

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