Wash & Dry Kit

Wash & Dry Kit*

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Kit: Luxury Wash & Dry 

Save big and select on of your favorite wash mitts, together with your option of our two favorite car washes and Microfiber Madness Drying towel of your choice, to provide you with the very highest quality tools available for bathing your pride and joy!


  • Fill a 5 gallon wash bucket 3/4 full of cool water. 
  • Use your arm to mix 1 ounce of product with the 3 gallons of water.  
  • Use a jet of water to fill remainder of bucket to activate suds.  
  • Rinse the car thoroughly to remove loose dirt.
  • Wash from the top down using a quality wash mitt.
  • Rinse car and mitt frequently.
  • Dry immediately after final rinse.  

Note: Avoid washing in the sun.