CARPRO FlyBy30 Windshield Coating - 50ml

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CARPRO FlyBy30 Windshield Coating - 50ml

FlyBy30 is the answer to protecting the windshield and exterior glass surface of your vehicle. With FlyBy30 new state of the art materials were composed to create a strong coating on glass windshields and windows. FlyBy30 resists the friction and abrasion from road rash, wipers, dust, car washes, harsh cleansers, and the environment. With a high water droplet contact angle and low sliding angle it improves repellency and protection from rain, ice, snow, and bugs. 


  • (1) 50ml bottle of FlyBy30.
  • (1) Applicator block.
  • (2) 4" Microfiber suede applicators.


  • Ease of use.
  • Value: Protects all exterior glass surfaces with approximately 10ml coating consumption.
  • Perfect clarity: No haze, smears, or stains.
  • Provides safe, and high visibility driving in poor weather conditions.
  • High water drop contact angle (112 deg.) & low sliding angle (15 deg.) improves repellency.
  • Water repellency on windshields will last approximately 4~5 months (1 season).  Beyond that rain drops will continue to repel but at higher speeds.
  • FlyBy30 repels water drops starting at 30 to 40 mph, and allows you to have clear vision with safe driving. * Speed varies based on windshield angle, average tested on 45 deg. angle).
  • FlyBy30 can be used on all car glass allowing safe driving in the rain with clear vision all around.


  • High water droplet contact angle (112 deg.). 
  • Low water droplet sliding angle (15 deg.).
  • Rain repellency starting from 30-40 mph.
  • Durability: Approximately 4-5 months.


  1. Do not apply to a wet windshield or it may cause damage to the surface.
  2. Polish your glass using Ceriglass a by hand or machine. If scratches are present use machine.
  3. Wipe off residue.
  4. Clean surface well with Eraser.
  5. Shake Flyby30, then wet the supplied applicator just enough so that it does not feel grabby during application.  
  6. Apply in criss-cross pattern to one side of windshield or one window. Apply more product to applicator as needed to avoid dragging or grabbiness of applicator.
  7. Allow to flash and haze for approximately 1-3 minutes (depending on temps and humidity) and wipe off with a CARPRO 2Face Towel or quality microfiber towel .
  8. Thoroughly clean the wiper blades and apply Reload to prevent the blades from chattering.


  1. We recommend: 2-3 coats applied to windshield and 1 coat to all other windows
  2. Consecutive coats can be applied immediately. 
  3. Can be maintained with Dr. Beasley's AdvanceCoat: Glass or CARPRO Reload.
  4. *This coatings shelf life expectancy is approximately 12-14 months unopened, and 6 months or less once opened.*

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